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New Business Development

Identifying and overcoming barriers to business growth is not an academic or theoretical exercise but a process. TSCS will work with your senior management team to evaluate business opportunities, develop leads and contact prospective customers as well as the ‘gate-keepers’ whose goodwill is a pre-requisite to progress. Sometimes, our clients find themselves ‘out of their element’; as businesses dealing for the first time with local government, civil servants, regulators, politicians or community activists or as development agencies and public bodies seeking a better appreciation of private investors’ priorities. Our consultants have the breadth of experience and expertise to represent business to government and vice-versa.

Corporate Communications

Even the greatest products or services can falter unless you build credibility, promote your brand, affect opinions positively and manage the views and behaviours of customers, stakeholder groups and (often) the media. Our comms team of senior journalists and marketers will critique or create your marketing and PR strategies. We can prepare tactical and strategic marketing plans and execute practical PR and public affairs programmes, including writing professional copy that appeals to news editors and commands the attention of your targeted groups and individuals.

Regional Economic Development

As their CVs demonstrate, our senior consultants have outstanding experience of regional economic development issues and would complement any in-house team. Whether the focus is on project evaluation, maximising grants and incentives, devising Foreign Direct Investment strategies, supporting enterprise development or overseeing land use issues, our retained experts can demonstrate exceptional track records of success whether as practitioners or advisers.

Stakeholder Relations

Winning and delivering major projects depends on establishing relationships of trust and effective partnership with host communities and key stakeholders. Meaningful stakeholder engagement is not a desirable ‘bolt-on’ but, increasingly, a requirement of national and regional regulators and external financiers. The risks of not engaging appropriately can be costly delays, reputational damage, loss of credibility and irretrievable collapse of client confidence. TSCS will produce a stakeholder map, prioritising the most important influencers. We will devise appropriate strategies to understand and address grievances, manage media involvement and even convene “Town Hall meetings” to give critics an opportunity to have their say and advise clients on the best way to steer a course that results in consensus and progress.