Direct City Networks PLC

Direct City Networks PLC

“Jack Stopforth’s tireless work for the DCN300+ consortium enabled us to make our case to government and investors at the very highest levels and to promote the vision of a Northern Powerhouse Maglev as a massive economic boost for the UK. His national network of political, business and media interests has been critical to the project, and remains so.”

Sir Peter Michael

DCN300+ Chairman

Direct City Networks PLC (DCN) is part of Coleman Bennett International PLC, based in The Gherkin, in the City of London. Working with co-sponsors Hyperloop One Inc of Los Angeles and The Peel Group, Coleman Bennett International has brought together an expert team of transport specialists and business development experts under the banner of DCN300+ to make a compelling case to government to invest in and support a radical innovation in passenger and freight transport in the north of England using magnetic levitation technology (Maglev).

The consortium’s report, “Enabling the Northern Powerhouse” was edited by Taylor Stopforth and provides a detailed and fully-costed proposal to build an underground, ultra-high-speed Maglev connecting the cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull and so creating new and dynamic central business districts across the north of England to help realise the ambitions of The Northern Powerhouse.

As well as Taylor Stopforth (Consulting Services) Limited, advisors to DCN300+ include:

Taylor Stopforth (Consulting Services) Limited helped secure substantial funding and other support from sponsors and provided the consortium with business development support, political consulting, public affairs and media relations services.