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Archive of: 2022

  • Borderlands Economic Forum – Chairmanship

    Borderlands Economic Forum – Chairmanship

    At the request of the partners, TSCS founder Jack Stopforth agreed to extend his membership of the Partnership Board and chairmanship of the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal’s Economic Forum for a further twelve months.

    The Borderlands ...

  • Be.EV and the EV Revolution

    Be.EV and the EV Revolution

    TSCS has been retained by Manchester-based Be.EV to help it grow its share of the market in publicly accessible Electric Vehicle chargers. Already the market leaders in Greater Manchester, with nearly ...

  • Upstate South Carolina Alliance

    Upstate South Carolina Alliance

    Just before we entered the unreal world of lockdown in 2020, TSCS held in-depth discussions with economic development agencies in the dynamic state of South Carolina, USA in the hope of representing their ...

  • Small Business Counselling – a new departure for TSCS

    Small Business Counselling – a new departure for TSCS

    As 2021 drew to a close and we were all in the dreadful grip of the Covid19 lockdown, we were invited by the Cumbria Learning and Skills Council to work on their Peer-to-Peer ...